Terms of Use

Important Terms of Use

• Remember the human, everyone here is a person too and has feelings.
• No overly NSFW Content, including images of pornography, talking explicitly about sexual activities, and gore.
• No mentioning hacking or ddosing someone or something in any way.
• Do not bypass filter mutes, they're there for a reason.
• Bypassing punishments such as bans, kicks, and mutes will double or more the punishment, depending on how bad.
• No making alt accounts to message people who have blocked you.
• No slurs, including racist and homophobic ones.
• No homophobia, racism, transphobia, etc. Discussing such topics is fine, but not outright hating.
• Try to keep others in mind by using warnings when posting triggering images, flashing/loud videos, etc.
• Don't spam, this is auto moderated usually though!
• For Staff, punishing without good reason is not allowed. Please provide a reason with your punishment to avoid trouble.
        (Report to a higher staff if you believe you've been punished unfairly)

Privacy Policy

Registration Policy

When registering an account with DJ’s Land your information will be recorded to our server. This data will not be shared with anyone but authorized DJ’s Land staff and will under no circumstances be sold. Your account information may be deleted by your request, even if you are banned. Email [email protected] to have a banned account deleted, otherwise ask an Owner directly via private message. Deleting any account data means deleting all account data, by registering at djsland.com you consent to this policy.

Messages and Upload Policy

Messages can be deleted by users at will, and will be removed from our server immediately upon deletion. Images also apply to this. If your account is deleted, so are your messages. Any image uploaded can also be deleted. Unless a user or staff member deletes a message or image (or the account of the sender is deleted), the image will remain stored on DJ’s Land servers. Server staff may monitor messages if you are deemed as suspicious, or are reported.